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Tips to Return to the Gym When You Have Children

Family and work conciliation leave little time for free time. What can we do to throw in the towel and get back in shape after the baby?

You add one more to the family, and suddenly your meticulous fitness plan is thrown out the window: the routine of dads and moms revolves almost exclusively around the needs of the little ones. Especially during the first year of the newborn, but also when the ‘little ones’ become more independent and begin to fill their calendar with activities. Our priority list changes automatically when we are one more, and, depending on our habits, the sport can go from being among our top 5 things to do to occupy a space.

Is there time? We give you some ideas to create time when it seems that there is not:

Exercise at Odd Hours

That is, while the children sleep, very early in the morning, well at night after putting them to bed. It works mainly with exercises at home, such as yoga (after consulting with a professional instructor, to avoid injuries), or traditional gymnastics, for example following the exercise program of a sports App. You can allocate these hours of the day to exercises with balls, elastic bands or weights, without interruptions, without having to leave the house and dedicating time only to you. Keep a daily routine of 10 to 30 minutes, so you have time to relax while being in shape.

Ally with Other Moms in the Same Situation

For example, to go jogging or to go together to some class in Norwell Outdoor Fitness. No one like them understands how difficult it is to reconcile work and personal life: they will be the first to give you useful advice on how to squeeze time, even to play sports.

Include the Exercise on Your Daily Trips

For example, getting off two subway stations before allows you to walk in two 20-minute runs if you do it before you arrive and return from work each day, exceeding the recommended 30 minutes per day.

Find an Outdoor Fitness that is Closest to Your Home or Work.

The closer you are, the less time you have to invest in going to and from the gym: it is not just a matter of avoiding the feeling of laziness (another important factor when it comes to including exercise in our day to day), but of being pragmatic with the few hours of free time left by fatherhood. If you do not have one close to home, look for one near your workplace: extra points if it is a franchise that allows you to use gyms in different parts of your place of residence, or if they have a daycare center to leave the children while you attend a fitness class. Some centers even offer exercise programs for moms and ‘little ones.’ Which brings us to.

Practice Sports with the ‘Kids’

Not only yoga with children: since they are little ones, you can count the trips with the newborn as part of your exercise plan. If you establish them as a routine (every day at the same time) and as they get older, you can expand the sports sights of the whole family with skating and cycling sessions, swimming afternoons or simple hiking trails.

Distribute Family Tasks Equally

With a calendar where each half of the couple can record which mornings or nights, they need to have available to exercise. It is an effective way for the other to be aware that those nights he has to prepare dinner and put the ‘kids’ in bed. The same with the calendar of the ‘kids’: what days have extracurricular activities? Do you have time to stop by the gym while you are in music class?

Look for Hyper-Effective Exercises

Especially if you have little time: the more effective the exercise, the more you can condense your routines in the shortest possible time. For example, with exercises aimed at increasing muscle mass, which help to accelerate the metabolism. It is important that the type of discipline is your pleasure not to throw in the towel of pure frustration, so try several disciplines to find the most appropriate or consult a fitness instructor.

Do not Set Impossible Goals

Running only 2km. It is better than zero. Doing gymnastics only once a week is better than none. It is important to try to respect the exercise routines from the first day, but if you cannot reach everything, or you have great limitations in your free time, it is better not to get frustrated and try to do as much as possible. For little exercise you do, it will always be better, and healthier, than doing nothing.

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