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The Differences between Liquid Minoxidil and Foam Minoxidil

Rogaine, being one of the brands providing with number of hair products which help in solving hair problem. Every product has its own specifications and its method of treatment. While talking about the form in which the products are sold, it is found that there are two forms, liquid or foam. There is always an argument as to which id more better, minoxidil liquid or minoxidil foam. It depends on the consumption of the consumer how the product responds to skin. There is always a constant match between minoxidil foam vs liquid. Let’s find out the actual differences between them.

Comparison between minoxidil foam vs liquid are done in the following categories:

  • Effectiveness: minoxidil liquid is more effective than foam. The liquid solution consists of glycol which opens up the hair pores and directly acts to the deep roots of the hair while in case of foam; it gets stuck in the hair which leads to its quick drying.
  • Price: minoxidil liquid is cheaper than foam because liquid spreads in the whole scalp while the foam has to be used more in quantity to cover up the whole scalp. Therefore, more bottles of foam are required than the liquid bottles.
  • Ease of use: foam is more easily applied than the liquid. As it has to be applied twice a day, therefore foam leads to saving time. Therefore, foam is more preferable.
  • Aesthetics: minoxidil liquid being thick and greasy in texture and foam being a kind of foggy is easy to apply also helping in hair styling. Thus foam is more preferable in this case.
  • Side effects: minoxidil liquid consists of glycol which do cause of a lot of skin problems, from redness to dermatitis. Foam also cause side effects but less painful than side effects caused by liquid. Therefore, minoxidil foam is more preferable than liquid.

Therefore, it all depends on the preferences that a consumer feels like. Both, liquid and foam can be used and both are helpful. Thus both shows equal results which fulfill the desire of having good looking hair back.

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