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Stunning Benefits Of Intense Pulsed light Treatment For Aging Skin

Whilst everyone is obsessed with beauty products to conceal skin imperfections these days, many fail to give equal importance to skin care treatments that are the real solutions to all kinds of skin related problems. And one such treatment is the IPL or intense pulsed light laser treatment. It’s a wonderful rejuvenation therapy that offers much more than just anti-aging benefits. Thus, you must read through the guide below to find out if this could be the ‘It’ therapy who had been looking for.

What Is IPL treatment And Is It Worth The Hype?

IPL laser treatment makes use of a broadband light beam in order to treat multiple skin conditions. And it’s absolutely worth the money you spend. However, the one consideration that mustn’t be overlooked is undergoing the treatment only upon the suggestion by your doctor.

Benefits Of IPL treatment

Since there’s so much being talked about the valuable laser treatments these days, there’s IPL treatment that you must know about as well. Some of its best benefits are given below.

  • IPL treatment is used to cure sun damage that includes treating age spots, pigmentation, and dryness
  • It is a wonderful therapy to get rid of vascular lesions. It also reduces redness and other skin discoloration issues caused by skin problems like rosacea
  • IPL is not just a cure against cell damage, it’s also the prevention. Repeated sittings of this treatment keep the skin cells younger and tighter
  • It works against acne scars and is also deemed safe to be used during an active acne breakout. Besides, it can treat acne redness too
  • IPL can be is used to target skin imperfections on the face, neck, back, and arms

Precautions Before The Treatment

To begin with, IPL works on the basis of color contrast. Thus, it is recommended only for fair skin or medium-brown skin. It doesn’t show any effect or visible changes on black skin. Moving further, you must keep the following things in mind before undergoing the treatment.

  • Do not expose your skin to direct sunlight for minimum 20 days before the treatment has to take place
  • Do not visit a tanning booth almost a month before the treatment

After Effects Of IPL Laser Treatment

Just like any other treatment, the effectiveness of IPL too depends upon the aftercare. Thus, you must take your doctor’s advice seriously. However, the after-effects of IPL aren’t serious and may include the following.

  • Mild redness that takes about 2 weeks to fully disappear
  • For brown-skinned people, the skin looks darker for a week and then the discoloration starts to disappear from the 1st week until you can see a matte and bright complexion underneath

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