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How to Save Your Baby’s Tooth When it is Out

Many times, we often get confused about what to do when the baby’s tooth finally falls off. Well, here are suggestions on what to do.

Breathing Tooth Moved

First Aid: Is the tooth slightly loose, do not bite with the tooth. Eat soft and liquid food. Contact the new Westminster dentist‌ ‌within the first few days. If the tooth is very loose, contact the dentist immediately.

Milk Drive Turned Solution

First Aid: Protect the tooth. Do not play with the tooth, eat soft and liquid food. Contact the dentist within the first few days.

”Milk teeth are generally treated no more than most necessary, as small children are not mature for dental treatment. Milk teeth that have been beaten loose will, as always, grow steady again,” says a dentist.

Breathing Tooth Turned Shock

First Aid: Immediately contact your dentist or dentist. Emergency treatment is required.

“The tooth must be put back in place and in some cases glued to the neighbouring tooth to create the best possibilities for healing, and so that it ensures that it grows in the right place,” says an expert.

Dimension Drive Turned Forward

First Aid: If the child cannot bite, contact the dentist immediately. Emergency treatment is necessary. Can’t the child usually play together? contact the dentist within a few days.

“Small children who still use suds usually have a lot of air between their teeth. Therefore, the child can often usually bite normally, even though the tooth is crooked. In that case, the tooth should just be allowed to heal as it is. If the child is larger, it happens more often that a crooked tooth prevents the child from normally biting together. Then the dentist must either put it in place or pull it out during anesthesia,” says a dentist.

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