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How do you stop your hair from falling out?

Every person loses about 100 hairs every day – which is completely normal as it is the body’s way of eliminating dead tissues and cells and giving space to newer cells. If you are, however, losing hair significantly more than this, you should consult a doctor or a skin specialist to understand the reason behind the same. It could be because of stress, prior medication, deficiency in the body or because of something more serious and it is always advisable to get yourself checked before it becomes problematic.

How do you stop hair loss?

Some common practices that you can follow to prevent unnecessary treatment of hair are the first few steps that you can take to prevent hair loss. Do not chemically treat your hair frequently if you observe hair fall and avoid tying your hair tightly as it may pull them from the roots and stress the roots are making them weak. For starter treatments, use hair oils, soaps, and shampoos targeted towards preventing hair loss. A key reason behind hair loss could also be hair damage, and that needs to be protected.

What if it becomes aggressive?

In case simple home remedies are not helping with the hair loss significantly, you should see a doctor who can suggest tests and accordingly prescribe medicines targeted towards your kind of hair fall. If it is because of deficiency of vitamins or because of dead skin on your scalp, doctors prescribe zinc shampoo hair loss as it helps in unclogging the pores of the scalp. If the scalp pored are clogged, they remarkable inhibit the hair growth and hence needs to be addressed accordingly. Zinc shampoos help clear the pores and assist in the hair regrowth. It also helps in improving the quality of hair and giving it volume for better appearance.

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