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Hair Transplantation and Hairline Lowering: What is the Difference?  

Hair Transplantation

Moving hair follicles in a procedure from denser area to the back of the scalp which got thinned over the time. The procedure includes two processes, FUT or Follicular Unit Transfer and FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction. The process is done by taking care of individual hair follicles, that is why you will be able to have better hair thickness, and it will look natural.

Hairline Lowering

Hairline lowering procedure is very efficient and effective in lowering the hairline height. Hairline begins at 5 to 6.5 cm over the brows. If the hairline is above this position, then it will make your face look disproportionate. During the process, at the hairline, an incision is made, and a portion of forehead tissue is removed, and therefore, gradually lowering the hairline in the process. Scalp laxity and thickness and density of hair are the factors that play a vital role in surgical planning for lowering hairline. If anyone is worried for the incision that will be made on the hairline, no need to worry, professionals have mastered the technique such that the incision will give a natural look to others.

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Which one should you opt for?

Hair gives you the confidence that always peoples with less hair lack. Both of the processes has the capability of giving you a new look, but both the procedures differ from each other greatly.

Through the procedure of hair transplant, a male or a female can combat genetic hair loss pattern. The hair loss is gradual and is not due to any medical cause. Hair transplant can be done on mustache, eyebrows, and beard areas and is a very effective treatment.

Through hairline lowering procedure you can achieve a better number of hairs in one procedure. Hairline lowering will help your face look more proportionate. Hairline can also address the density of hair as well as natural hair exit from the scalp.

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