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Several people have started to discover the various benefits offered by CBD oil products. CBD would is best described as a cannabinoid, which is a chemical located in the hemp plants.

Cannabinoids are a class of natural compounds found within the hemp and marijuana plants. CBD works in tandem with the cannabinoids that are naturally produced in the human body to trigger receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid complex which in return produces a natural, physiological response from our bodies.

CBD is a non-physcoactive molecule and does not produce the euphoric high that marijuana creates through the high levels of THC that are not produced by hemp plants. Out of all the known cannabinoids in the human body, THC is the only compound that creates any type of euphoric effect. It’s important to realize that hemp does produce very small amounts of THC since both plants are derived from the cannabis plant. However, since the concentration of THC is so miniscule in CBD derived from Hemp, it doesn’t produce a response that CBD derived from Marijuana could potentially produce.

Benefits of CBD oil

Despite people becoming aware of the various health benefits offered by CBD oil, most would still link it to marijuana and getting high which is a common misconception. THC is the chemical that causes a “high” and CBD is the chemical that offers most of the health benefits. When selecting your CBD, you want to ensure you are purchasing hemp derived CBD instead of cannabis derived CBD to decrease the likelihood of failing a drug test.

CBD oil has been known to offer extensive uses. It can help with physical, psychological, and neurological issues and it is commonly used for problems such as acne, anxiety/stress, and every day aches and pains.

How to purchase CBD oil

The search for the right CBD products for you will lead you to come across several brands made available in the market to suit your specific needs, but not all CBD products are created equal in terms of their potency and overall quality.

With CBD hemp oil growing in recent years, you will come across a wide range of CBD oil products that come in several different doses and form factors and you may not necessarily be able to tell the difference between similar sounding CBD products from first glance. As a result, most people that are searching for the best CBD hemp oil products available in the market are not having the best of luck due to the lack of transparency in the online CBD market. This can lead to a frustrating experience when you are looking for high quality CBD products, but you end up purchasing a lower quality product.

When you are searching for CBD products online it is best to do your research and to look for CBD companies that look like companies such as GM Hemp Co for example. At GM Hemp Co they have the following features that are a good starting point to look for when selecting a CBD brand online.

Look For CBD Companies That:

  • Have a legitimate website design and branding experience
  • Offer online resources about CBD
  • Provide Batch Testing for All CBD Products
  • Are on Social Media
  • Show other companies that wholesale their CBD products
  • Sell both via retail and wholesale so that you know other companies vouch for their products.
  • Offer Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract
  • Are smaller companies and are not ran by larger companies
  • Sell Pharmacist Recommended Products

Should I Buy CBD Oil and is it legal?

The big question is whether it is legal to buy CBD oil online. CBD oil is without a doubt, LEGAL after the passing of the Farm Bill in 2018 which allows Hemp to be regulated at the federal level and not just the state level.

*Prior to the Farm Bill, Hemp and Hemp derived CBD products were still legal in all 50 states but without full approval from the federal government.

Selecting a CBD brand can be a daunting task but companies like GM Hemp Co aim to make buying CBD simple. Check out GM Hemp Co to find a base line for CBD quality.

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